Find out the latest temperatures and weather conditions in Kampala and Entebbe with our six-day Kampala weather forecast below.

Kampala, Uganda’s capital city is bordered by Mukono district to its east, with the rest of the city lying adjacent to Wakiso district. It is situated at an altitude varying between 1189 m and 1402 m above sea level.

Kampala is an inland city lying some distance from the sea. It has a typically tropical climate modified by altitude. The average temperature in Kampala is 22o C. Daytime temperatures average between a maximum of 27o C and minimum of 17o C. However, there are significant variations in temperature, often going up to 35o C and dropping to 12o C. Humidity levels average 75% all year round, typically peaking in the morning and dropping in the afternoon.

Entebbe is in south central Uganda, near Kampala, at the tip of a peninsula which projects into Lake Victoria. Thanks to its elevation (3,760 ft/1,146 m above sea level), the town enjoys a pleasantly warm and moderate climate. This makes it a perfect weekend getaway for residents of Kampala seeking a brief respite from hectic schedules and typical urban hassles like smog and downtown traffic gridlocks.