Namirembe hill is bordered by Makerere to the North East, Old Kampala to the East, Mengo to the south East, Lubaga to the South West, Lungujja to the West, the Kasubi Tombs to the North West and Naakulabye to the North. The distance by road, from the city center in kampala to Namirembe is approximately 2 kilometers. It is found in the Rubaga Divivsion, kampala.

Namirembe hill which rises to 4,134 feet above sea level stands next to Mengo hill not just geographically but also politically and religiously. At the top of the hill is the St. Paul’s Cathedral for the Anglican Faith which is also their Headquarters in the entire country. It is the oldest cathedral in Uganda being constructed in 1885. At this hill, there is Mengo hospital that was founded by Sir Albert cook who is also buried on this hill along with other significant clergies, a school and offices for the Anglican Church. Near the hospital is an orphanage that is; Sanyu Baby’s home.

In the past, this hill was a gathering place for celebrating success after a war and peace. Namirembe comes from a luganda local word ‘mirembe’ for ‘peace’. Since the end of the religious wars in Buganda, Protestantism has been the official religion of the Buganda monarchy.