Nsambya hill is much more known as a home for the Mill Hill Fathers. In 1895, a group of five Mill Hill Fathers, led by Bishop Henry Hanlon arrived in East Africa to establish the Vicariate of the Upper Nile. The first mission station was built at Nsambya.

The hill also boasts of Nsambya Hospital, one of the best in the country. At the top of Nsambya hill, one has a great view of down town Kampala and the shores of Lake Victoria, including Ggaba landing site. Several furniture and crafts shops selling unique African chairs, beds and crafts along the road. The new American embassy is located here. This town is located in the suburbs of Kampala, a few kilometers away from the city centre located in Makindye division.

Nsambya was one of the various counties owned by Kabaka Mwanga. In 1885 when the missionaries flew into the country, the Kabaka allocated the Nsambya hill to them as a strategic place to build their Catholic church so then they cleared up the place and built St. Peter’s Church Nsambya and St. Peter’s Schools. Nsambya then developed into different zones like Nsambya Gogonya, Nsambya West, Nsambya Railway Quarters, Kamwanyi Zone, Nsambya Kirombe, Nsambya Police Barracks and other zones. Nsambya Police Barracks being the biggest Police barracks in Uganda it accommodates most of the Police officers in Kampala with a population of about 1,000 people.

Nsambya also owns one of the most powerful hospitals in Uganda like Nsambya Hospital and Nsambya General Clinic located along Ggaba road. One can also complete his/her educational journey because there are nursery schools, Primary Schools, Secondary schools and a university called Cavendish University located along Ggaba road.

Nsambya is mostly a residential area with a diverse range of housing and infrastructure. The valleys are overflowing with small, crowded neighborhoods and dirt roads. As you climb the hill, the houses fluctuate from mid-range to more expensive. A few rare sections of paved roads at the top of the hill provide the nicest accommodations with beautiful views of the lush, surrounding hills.