Eating out in Kampala

Kampala offers varied experiences to the traveller in terms of cuisines, venues and budgets. From inexpensive, tasty street food to fancy, 5-star restaurants, Kampala has something for everyone. Exercise caution though while buying food from street vendors if you have a sensitive constitution.

Kampala restaurants prices are highly affordable for overseas visitors. After a busy day exploring or shopping in Kampala, our Restaurants Guide below will tell you all you need to know to find a great meal in these cities. Also take a look at our Uganda Restaurant Guide for more information on the local food and cuisine found throughout the country.

Food & Cuisine in Kampala

You can choose from a huge range of cuisines – there’s Ugandan of course, followed by Indian Italian, Chinese, Goan, Turkish, Mediterranean, French, Belgian and Japanese. Also, look out for places where you can pick up a quick snack late at night. Ice-cream parlours are very popular.

Besides the ubiquitous sodas, you’ll find other drinks like fruit-based drinks. Wines are priced rather steeply by American or European standards. House wines too don’t come up to scratch. Most popular beer brands have added sugar. Generally, most beers contain carbon dioxide. Mineral water is widely sold.

If you’re a coffee lover, head straight to Buganda Road, across the road where you can savour several varieties of locally grown coffee. Strangely, Ugandans prefer tea, so chances are that in most restaurants in Kampala, you’ll only be served instant coffee.

Try out local dishes like posho, groundnut sauce and matoke. In most Kampala suburbs, there is an endless number of informal joints for eating out. Some of the popular spots are pubs serving roasted chicken or barbecued meat sticks cooked by the roadside.

There’s nothing like a bad tummy to ruin one’s holiday, so here’s some cautionary advice. East African cuisine has ingredients that may not always agree with your digestion, more so if you are vegetarian. When placing an order, check if the chef is using Aromat or Royco. Both these brands are big on monosodium glutamate (MSG). If you’re allergic to MSG or simply dislike additives, ask that it be avoided. Many food products do not mention MSG specifically. If you find terms like ‘flavor enhancers’ mentioned on labels, that’s MSG for sure.

Restaurants List

Khana Khazana
Type : Indian
Address : John Babiiha Avenue Kololo Kampala
Phone : +256 (0)414 233 049
Opening hours : 12:00 to to 22:00

Fang Fang Chinese Restaurant
Type : Chinese
Address : Roof Terrace Communications House 1 Colville Street Kampala
Phone : +256 (0)414 344 806
Email :

Le Chateau
Type : Belgian
Address : Le Petit Village 142 Ggaba Road Kampala
Phone : +256 (0)414 510 404
Email :
Opening hours : 07:00 to to 22:00

1000 Cups
Type : Coffee House
Address : Plot 18 Buganda Road Kampala

La Patisserie
Type : French Eats & Cafe
Address : Quality Hill Plot 1273 Ggaba Road Kampala
Phone : +256 (0) 414 540 404

Tuhende Safari Lodge
Type : Local Food
Address : Plot 8 Martin Road Old Kampala
Phone : +256 (0)772 468 360
Opening hours : 08:00 to to 23:00

Rocks & Roses Tea Room
Type : Coffee Shop
Address : 2 Acacia Avenue Kololo (Part of the Surgery complex) Kampala
Phone : +256 (0)752 766 770
Opening hours : 09:00 to to 16:00

Cafe Pap
Type : Coffee Shop
Address : 13, Parliament Avenue Kampala
Phone : +256 (0)414 254 570

The Lawns
Type : International
Address : 34, Impala Avenue Kololo Kampala
Phone : +256 (0)414 250 337

Masala Chaat House
Type : Indian
Address : De Winton Road (Opposite National Theatre) Kampala

Bubbles O’Leary
Type : Irish
Address : 19, Acacia Avenue Kololo Kampala
Phone : +256 (0)312 263 815

Cafe Roma
Type : Italian
Address : 689 Tank Hill Road Muyenga Kampala
Phone : +256 (0)777 812 017

Crocodile Café & Bar
Type : Continental
Address : Cooper Road Kisementi Kampala
Phone : +256 (0)414 254 593

Athena’s Tavern
Type : Greek
Address : 30 Windsor Crescent Kololo Kampala
Phone : +256 (0)414 341 428
Email :

Prime Bar Pork Joint
Type : Ugandan
Address : Bukoto-Ntinda route Opposite Kadic Hospital, near Kabira Country Club Kampala
Phone : +256 (0)782 858 824

7Hills Revolving Restaurant
The restaurant is on the 12th floor of the Golf Course Hotel.
Type : Continental
Address : Golf Course Hotel Plot 64-88 Yusuf Lule Road 12th Floor Garden City Shopping and Leisure Centre Kampala
Phone : +256 (0)414 563 500

Le Petit Bistro
Type : French
Address : Ggaba Road Kansanga Kampala

Lotus Mexicana
Type : Mexican
Address : 16, Ssezibwa Road Nakasero Hill Kampala
Phone : +256 (0)414 466 955

Faze 2
Type : Continental and Fusion
Address : 10 Nakasero Road Nakasero Kampala
Phone : +256 (0)772 345 808