Tourists to Uganda seem to be taking budget Uganda safaris to a new level every year. Of course being with less cash doesn’t mean not to fulfill your travel dream overseas. The logic is just dropping your ego and adapt to the new environment and culture. One of the most trending budget safari options for many travelers is backpacking where tourists become flexible in each and every travel aspect from accommodation to transport.

Uganda is a very cost friendly country with something for everyone no matter how tricky the interest could be. The country has many hostels and campsites that cater for budget travelers as well as flexible tour agents that design flexible Uganda backpacking safaris in the interest of the country visitors. So if you interested in joining a group tour or go backpacking in Uganda, here are five of the most done budget Uganda safari tours where you can experience much and spend less.

Track Gorillas at only $900

The most loved and fun tour adventure safari in Uganda enjoyed in Bwindi forest national park for duration of one-three days. The trek kicks off from Kampala and ends in Kampala by private means of transport or public. The first and last day is for travel from Kampala the capital to the Gorilla Park and back while the second day is the long waited for seeing mountain gorillas. Things not missed are the Uganda Equator, Igongo cultural museum, and Lake Mburo national park roaming wildlife especially the beautiful Zebras.

Besides, it’s very possible to fly to Kigali and track gorillas in Uganda Bwindi National park or Mgahinga National park in just a day. This is great news for those who had plans of tracking gorillas in just a day in volcanoes national park before the increase of gorilla permits. Still you can do same but track gorillas in Uganda which is a gorilla safari destination for all. Visitors on the one day Uganda gorilla tour get a chance to explore both Rwanda and Uganda.

Track Gorillas, Chimpanzee and Wildlife Safari from $1000

This budget Uganda safari tour provides ample opportunity to see gorillas, chimpanzees and also view wildlife. You can decide to visit only Bwindi National Park and Queen Elizabeth National park or Visit Kibale forest, Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi forest, or relax at the beautiful islands of Lake Bunyonyi, Bwindi forest and Queen Elizabeth National Park. This wonderful trip takes you to only best safari parks in Uganda and its one of the favorite trips for all tourists to Uganda. Is your interest to see gorillas and wildlife or even chimapnzees?, look no further than a 6 day Uganda gorilla, chimpanzee and wildlife safari. Be just like others and use budget accommodations and lodges or go camping .Besides it’s also very possible to go backpacking and  spend less as you enjoy.

For those interested in only wildlife safaris in Uganda, head out to the appealing wildlife parks of Kidepo valley national park and Murchison falls national park the famous places to get amazing photo captions of Uganda attractive animals in a natural surroundings. The 6 days Kidepo and Murchison falls tour is a super budget safari that many tourists enjoy on both private and backpacking. Explore the top Uganda wildlife game reserves and see the big five, might falls, exciting cultures and much more with a visit to Kidepo Valley and Murchison falls national park. If have not talked about your travel destination of interest, discus your travel opinion with our tour consultants and get advised on each and every travel aspect. Remember 2018 is a year of new adventure and memories.


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